1. So we’ve missed out on the chance to nominate Nigel Farage for the position?

  2. The Earl Farage, Viscount Thanet, Baron Buckingham x 2 (Life Peer to gove him a seat, and hereditary) is the obvious choice, but what about offering it to Mr Corbyn or Miss Swinson to get them out of UK politics? (Swinson might lose her seat to the SNP). or Boris could nominate himself if he loses his seat.

  3. I second Phineas’ suggestion

  4. I certainly think boot time is appropriate…. So who’s in charge of the BNP at the moment?

  5. what about offering it to Mr Corbyn or Miss Swinson

    Nope. I want to see both of those traitors face electoral defeat and then be cast into the pit of political oblivion. Indeed I am hoping that Jo Swinson will lose her seat again as she did in 2015.

    If we’re going to have to name someone to the job then it should be someone who is as anti-EU as possible, just to show them what contempt we have for their shoddy institutions.

    If not Nigel Farage (who would be ideal for the appointment) then why not someone more acceptable to the Tories like Daniel Hannan MEP?

  6. Is this the job that Boris offered Nigel that Labour are wittering on about? 🙂

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