1. Yes, no, or heaven-only knows. These seem to be the options. And maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe the key thing is that Boris wins either way. If he gets his deal through, all well and good. But if he can’t get the deal through then there is a very good chance it is a no deal. And a no deal which Remainers will be responsible for.

  2. It would be edge-of-the-seat exciting if the 7 abstentionist Sinn Fein MPs suddenly walked into the House of Commons in the middle of this debate ! Let’s save that thought for the plot for a future alternate history type of movie.

    Battles swing backwards & forwards — but the outcome is not in doubt. There will be Brexit in the end — or rather, at the beginning of the really important part.

  3. Gavin, have you been listening to old Churchill speeches?

  4. We may need to dig up Oliver Cromwell to get rid of this fucking parliament

  5. Apparently EU officials have said they will “grant” an extension if Boris asks for one, as he is obliged to do tonight by the Benn Act. Thus putting to bed a private theory I had that he had stitched it up with the EU leaders that they would hold off on refusing an extension in the hope Boris could get the deal passed without their intervention, only coming out with a refusal if needed. Oh well.

    Last I heard, Boris said he wouldn’t be seeking an extension and the law does not compel him to. I do not know how long that will last. Possibly it has already become out of date as I type this.

    Edit: on re-reading that Guardian article it is less definitive than I thought or the headline says:

    But senior EU officials said it was clear during the discussions among the leaders at a summit on Thursday that “they would grant an extension”. “Even [the French president Emmanuel] Macron in the room didn’t suggest otherwise,” the source said.

    Nothing on the record from a currently serving official and Macron “didn’t suggest otherwise”. Maybe my theory is still in play.

  6. I hope the country remembers this next time a politician promises to “fix” a problem.

  7. Perry, we may need to dig Olly up again, that’s how bad it is.

    The plan appears to be this, frustrate the current (abysmal) Deal on offer, and should the EU to veto an extension on the basis that it is pointless, after all why should M Juncker be denied a celebratory drink when his term ends on 31st October?, then be faced with the panic of a self-inflicted ‘No Deal’, the House of Commons will revoke the Article 50 notification and end this ‘nightmare’.

    We could have a minority government until 2022 as things stand, Thanksgiving and Christmas are drawing near and turkeys would clearly wish to work to devise the most sensible calendar that is workable.

  8. Sir Nigel Farage, Bt. offers a demolition of Mr Johnson’s deal. It sounds grim.


  9. We may need to dig up Oliver Cromwell to get rid of this fucking parliament

    What again? I thought there was nothing left of him other than a rather battered head (finally buried in 1960) after the last exhumation and posthumous execution.

    Anyway, the solution to this current lot isn’t their expulsion and the closure of Parliament, but rather a general election (in which hopefully the bastards will get thrown out anyway).

    Baring the use of piano wire and lamp posts, obviously.

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