1. At this point I’ll believe it when big things start happening. Like cutting VAT rates or corporation tax or some important deregulation. Things the EU wouldn’t like (of course none of these are guaranteed even with no deal…).

    Assuming it gets through Parliament, that is. It being voted down followed by some Classic Dom to get around the Benn Act wouldn’t be a bad outcome.

  2. Looks like DUP are saying “no”. How many MPs who say they want a deal want a deal?

  3. I tried reading the deal via Guido Fawkes.

    I am sure I am missing something. Northern Ireland seems to get some but by no means all of what they want? Are there any sneaky bits we have reason to loath? Are we still gonna get robbed on the way out for silly money?

  4. So, as I write, Juncker has ruled out an extension (not that it is in his gift) and Nigel Farage has condemned him for undermining the Surrender Act.

    Whatever else this might be it is a huge tactical victory for Boris.

    Reminder, 9 days ago we all – well, I did – assumed that there a deal was impossible.

  5. Guido is saying JRM is saying that there will be a single motion choosing between this deal and no deal, which (as I read it) satisfies either section 1 or section 2 of the Benn act. That’s clever. If that works the deal will surely pass.

    If this deal is good enough to get Boris a decent majority at the inevitable general election then…well, whatever we might think of the deal, hats off to the guy, frankly.

  6. If I and the rest of the indepence minded spend the next ten years grinding my teeth at what a rubbish deal it is, there will be no Tory majority…. Or possibly even party.

  7. Whatever else this might be it is a huge tactical victory for Boris. (Phineas Phosgene17th October 2019 at 4:39 pm

    That interpretation (both parts of it) has content, though even now remoaners are doubtless thinking about how to prevent the Benn act being nullified and/or how to contrive some other way to win. But it seems Boris has his out from the Benn act and the next question is, does he hope rather to win or to lose whichever (deal or no deal) act he puts forward on Saturday?

    When the outcome becomes visible on the horizon we can decide what to think of it and how to act but just this minute I am unsure what is intended to happen next, let alone what will.

  8. What happens when Jo Maugham sues and the courts back him up because f*ck you that’s why?

  9. Hmm, it is an ugly deal but it *is* better than the abysmal May Withdrawal Agreement in many ways. Still pondering the text.

  10. People are saying that “level playing field” has been taken out of the Working Agreement (a treaty) and put into the Political Declaration (so many words). That’s probably important.

  11. I am fascinated by Natalie’s title for this post. I think she should keep that one quiet unless she wants to see Lord Byron cancelled.

  12. I switched off when I read the line about “the UK will still pay an estimated £33bn “divorce bill””.

    I have written on other blogs that this is NOT a legal requirement and there is no reason under the rules why this is owed. Britain will pay £33bn for no reason and for no guaranteed benefit or agreement. Lawyers and others have carefully set out the position on this payment and the principles that underpin it and it is NOT owed At all. In any way, shape or form.

    It is a treacherous and unlawful payment which is a surrender and an agreement to pay Danegeld. Boris can FOAD.

  13. All the money and financial guarantees Phil Hammond gave the European investment bank puts us on the hook for another 90 Billion……

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