Dear Santa, I have been good. If I can’t have Brexit, this is what I want for Christmas.

Senior Government figures are considering a series of proposals to “sabotage” the EU’s structures if Brussels refuses to agree a new deal or let Mr Johnson deliver Brexit without one.

Two Cabinet ministers told this newspaper that they were among those backing a more “aggressive” approach towards Brussels.

It is understood that plans under discussion include blocking the EU’s 2021-27 budget, which is due to be agreed early next year, and nominating a British commissioner who would cause disruption within their portfolio.

Senior ministers discussed the prospect of sending Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, to take up the role.

Updated: 5th October 2019 — 11:42 pm


  1. Quiet rumour leaked to the press. Now that is how you negotiate!

    Remember that Tessy May.

  2. If Parliament can force a Prime Minister to send a request for an extension of Article 50 it can certainly force him to appoint a Commissioner of its own choosing.

    I hear rumours that there is some sort of top secret wizard wheeze that’s going to get us out of this but I think they’re bluffing. Parliament – legally speaking – has the government over a barrel.

    And if it does and it – along with its establishment cronies – continues to frustrate democracy I dread to think where we’re headed.

  3. What weak-wank bullshit. We don’t ask those scum–we tell them.

    It better had be just a rumour.

  4. Phosgene–Fuck the HoTraitors. Johnson needs to use the CCA and suspend the Surrender act and FTPA and then both the courts and the HoTraitors until after Brexit and the GE date which he should set.

    The supposed HoTrash and Court review of the CCA can take place but only AFTER the GE date.

    Johnson controls the lads with guns in the end. Piss on all traitors.

  5. Senior ministers discussed the prospect of sending Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, to take up the role.

    I’m not a fan of Nigel Farage (although I do admire his tenacity), but this is priceless. I want it to happen just for the utter horror and chaos it would cause in Brussels.

  6. What is the CCA? And am I right in thinking that the “Ho” part of HoTraitors relates to the idea that these people may be in it for the money?

  7. While it’s an obvious joke to make (“You ‘want’ me to stay, do you? … 🙂 “), so I’m not surprised people are making it, in the real world we are leaving the EU precisely because we had no influence, because they did not want us to stay enough to take Cameron’s ‘renegotiation’ seriously, and they have a extravagant line in conveying contempt for us. Don’t assume we can be more annoying than annoyed – or that anything we can do inside the EU could annoy them half as much as saying ‘bye’.

  8. 1. Take to Brussels an unacceptable deal.
    2. Concede concede concede. Take humiliation on the chin.
    3. Return from Brussels with a deal: May’s WA.
    4. Since deal agreed with Brussels, no need to ask for extension as per Surrender Bill.
    5. Take “National Humiliation WA” to HoC for 4th defeat.
    6. Out on Oct 31st on WTO (“No deal”) terms.

    Well, here’s hoping. Boris: are you Churchill or Chamberlain?

  9. Take “National Humiliation WA” to HoC for 4th defeat.

    The problem with the cuckolds in the House of Traitors is that they probably realise that their “Eternal extensions” approach only buys them time, nothing more, whereas Treason May’s WA would totally transform the debate from “We Voted Out” to “effective remain”.

    Not that I think it would buy them more than a year or two, but it might be enough.

    Better to keep the House of Traitors away from any legislation until we have left the EU. Too much opportunity for them to fuck things up.

  10. They can’t possibly send Mr Farage, but if he were a made a Privy Counsellor and knighted, the Right Honourable Sir Nigel Farage GCMG (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and Saint George – the order that diplomats get) then he would have the Crown’s seal of approval, and they could tell us why ‘Sir Nigel’ is inappropriate.

    Or have David Starkey as the back-up man.

  11. @Mr. Ed – They could do what they did with George Robertson when they wanted him to take over as Secretary General of NATO and give him an “Instant Life Peerage” (although I suspect that was just a way of triggering a by-election)

    However, it is possible to reject Commissioner appointments, as has happened recently with Hungary and Romania.

    The European parliament has rejected EU commissioner candidates from Hungary and Romania over alleged conflicts of interest, in a blow to the incoming president, Ursula von der Leyen.

    The unprecedented move by MEPs ratchets up pressure on Von der Leyen, who must get her team of 26 EU commissioners approved next month if her new commission is to be ready for its launch day on 1 November.

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