1. It can’t just be Brexit — since almost all the “Democracies” seem to have majorities thinking their country is on the wrong path.

    China being on the right path? Well, the Chinese people are seeing visible improvements in their lives year-on-year. And also it would probably not be a good idea for a resident of China to answer the question in the negative anyway. But it is astonishing that only 4 countries in the world have at least 50% of the polled saying “Right Track”.

    The implication is that there is something wrong with the nature of “democracy” as it is currently implemented in most countries. Do the majority of the people really not like what they voted for? Or is it that the choices are not adequate, and democratic votes make no difference anyway to the bureaucratic cliques which run countries? Which I guess does bring us back to Brexit.

  2. Measure of how much free market capitalism is maligned despite visible improvements in life for many people across the planet….

    If the media does nothing but tell everyone they are gonna die of poverty, climate change, racism or insufficiently large government, some number of people with panic….

  3. The five biggest worries for British citizens are:

    Crime & violence (35%) is now the joint greatest concern for Britons despite a 6-point drop from the previous month. The overall score of 35% is 5 points higher than the global average. Overall, Britain is 8th of 28 countries in terms of levels of concern in this area.

    Healthcare (35%) is the joint leading worry this month, although it has fallen a marginal two points from the previous month. Britain is the 8th most concerned country about healthcare globally, behind Hungary (70%), Poland (56%), Brazil (46%), Canada (41%), US (40%) China (39%) and Serbia (36%).

    Poverty/Social Inequality (30%) follows as the third most mentioned anxiety but in absolute terms Britain ranks in 14th place globally for worry in this area and just 2 points below the global average.

    Climate change (25%) is now a top five concern for Britons with a 8-point increase from the previous month. Britain now ranks in 4th place of the 28 countries surveyed on this measure. A score of 25% is the highest score we have seen for Climate Change this series and June 2019 is the first month this issue has been in the top 4 worries for GB since April 2014.

    Terrorism (24%) is the fifth most cited concern by Britons with the score in line with recent trends.

    So, Britain’s are not really seeing “BRExit” or “Treason in Parliament” as a core concern in the latest poll. Which is surprising to my mind, but still…

  4. Thanks for posting the link, John.

    Looks like it was an internet survey (Strike One!), in which respondents were provided with a list of 17 topics to worry about (Strike Two!), and asked which 3 of the specified 17 topics were most of concern to them. No measure of how serious was that individual’s level of concern about any particular topic (Strike Three!). Actual results were then “adjusted” to fit the expected census-derived population — which sounds sort of the like the standard practice in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming community.

    Interestingly, only 12% of Brits selected “Financial/Political Corruption” as one of their Top 3 concerns — much less than most other countries. (World average 31%). Surprising, since this is where Brexit-driven concerns about the tossers in Parliament might have been expected to show up.

    Astonishingly, only 11% of Brits listed Education as one of their Top 3 concerns (vs. 20% for the World average). What are these people thinking?

    Maybe off-topic, but puzzling, China & Japan had over 30% of respondents selecting “Moral Decline” as one of their Top 3 concerns — twice as many as Brits.

    Does the survey mean much? I really wonder.

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