Is Boris ‘the man’?

Boris Johnson, however, has been an unstinting and passionate advocate for leaving the European Union since a time when it was still an unfashionable, anti-Establishment view. As Mayor of London, he defied the call from Prime Minister David Cameron to row in behind the Remain campaign and became an energetic advocate for Vote Leave. (Indeed, it’s a pity that he did not take the helm of the ship of state when Cameron left office after the referendum, but let’s not rake over old coals). And then, exactly one year ago today, Johnson again put his career on the line for the Brexit cause when he, along with David Davis and Steve Baker, resigned from the Government in protest at Theresa May’s unacceptable Chequers proposal.

Jonathan Isaby and Matthew Elliott

Updated: 10th July 2019 — 2:34 pm

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  1. Boris Johnson is far from perfect – but he is better than Jeremy Hunt (who did not even reign in protest against the vile “deal” of Mrs May).

    In life one has to choose one of the options that is available – not a fantasy option that one would like to see, but does not actually exist on the ballot paper.

    That is why I voted for Boris Johnson last Thursday (a week ago now) – because he was a better alternative than the other candidate.

    By the end of October we will know all we need to know – about whether either alternative was really any good.

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