BrexBox – the Brexit Party disintermediating Old Media

One of many drivers of the Great Realignment is that trying get hostile and highly partisan ‘old media’ to carry your message is now just an option, rather than the only game in town.

A case in point is the Brexit Party launching a YouTube based channel to get their message out themselves, disintermediating the likes of BBC and C4

Updated: 9th July 2019 — 9:00 am


  1. Launching a Youtube channel is a dumb move at this time.

    Youtube is owned by Google – and is going more and more into censorship mode. Following the SJW censorship road of Facebook and Twitter.

    Still hopefully this channel will also be on Bitchute and so on.

    Obviously Minds and Gab are also of value.

  2. The problem is that most people still use Youtube – and so will be increasingly guided to the “mainsstream” media line that Google is pushing.

    How to get most people onto pro Freedom of Speech Social Media is the difficult question. I am not even active on these places myself.

  3. “The problem is that most people still use Youtube”

    Which is why they launched it on YouTube for FFS, otherwise what’s the point?

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