About Bloody Time

MPs vote by 358 to 234 to back Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill to leave EU on 31 January

They voted 358 to 234 in favour of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, which now goes on to further scrutiny in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The bill would also ban the government from extending the transition period – during which the UK is out of the EU but follows many of its rules – past 2020.

Updated: 20th December 2019 — 2:41 pm


  1. Not to be a broken record or a drudge, but did Boris quickly move to pass an uninspired version of Brexit even as he walked in to Parliament with a new, unstoppable majority? He pulls his fourth ace, and instead of raising, he calls?

    Beating a dead horse, I’m sure, but I think you’re all going to rue the provision (if it still exists – I can’t find anything about it so far today) that says that GB can’t seek to further alter its relationship with the EU in the future – that the Article 50 provisions are no longer available to GB. Because you still are in a semi-union with those people even with Boris’s withdrawal.

  2. Yeah.

    I fear you are right.

    I figure frak all can be done now and we just have to let him crack on.

    One way or another something will come up it always does.

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