Doom and gloom

Fraser Nelson in today’s Telegraph:

Let’s not pretend that the Corbyn agenda is dismissed nationwide as a socialist calamity-in-waiting. His plans to nationalise water, railways, electricity and gas are supported by about half of all voters; his idea for British Broadband Corporation is backed by a margin of three to one.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is interviewed by the Spectator.

I remember having conversations with colleagues in the government that came in in 2010 saying I thought austerity was just not the right way forward for the UK.

Anyone wanting to reduce the size of the state has a lot of work in front of them.

Updated: 29th November 2019 — 11:38 am


  1. Isn’t the ghastly truth – ghastly if you’re even vaguely libertarian – that people just want someone to look after them, and for many people, that someone is the state.

  2. This is the most libertarian Cabinet in my lifetime. More so than Margaret Thatcher’ses.

  3. And how does the Telegraph turd know what half the people in the UK want?

    Many people are old enough to remember what wonders nationalised services were. 3-6 months waiting for a telephone with a rich choice of ONE model –in the early days: later there were a big,big 3 or 4 types–will not suit todays crew. Hell it didn’t suit us back then.

  4. Don’t forget how wonderful the cars were. The Allegro, the Marina, they even managed to screw up the Jaguars with their indifferent build quality.

  5. Labour Party campaign song: “National Brotherhood Week” by Tom Lehrer
    Yet the party remains absurdly popular with those too young to understand what it was like, last time.

  6. Is there a reason my last comment isn’t showing up? If it has been spam-binned, it would be helpful if it told me so.

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