Boris, you must resign

It’s probably quite nice to be Prime Minister, going to all the best dos, having people listen to your bloviations, having the second best address in London and having the power to vaporise France but if you don’t have the ability to do anything useful – other the aformentioned services to French air quality – it’s pointless.

And you don’t have that ability. You don’t have a majority. The deal will be voted down again. If Parliament can make you send that grovelling extension letter – you know, the one you said dying a ditch was preferable to – what else is it going to make you do? Even if Brexit did get through you wouldn’t be allowed to get any of that Brexity goodness done like reducing tariffs, re-introducing traditional units and sorting out the railways. You are being turned into a cipher.

You must not allow yourself to be treated like this. You must resign.

Let the Queen find someone to be Prime Minister. Convention – for what it is worth these days – requires her to first of all call upon the Leader of the Opposition. Corbyn. That will be a laugh. Oh, he might just about be able to cobble together a coalition around stopping Brexit. They might even be able to hold their rigged referendum. But it doesn’t matter. Because, every day, every hour, every minute Corbyn and the federalist fossils stay in undeserved power the more hated they will become.

Remember, it can’t last long. Eventualy they will have to do some real politics at which point that Frankenstein coalition will collapse. And then we really will have to have a general election. Which you will win – not least because the interregnum will have given Cummings the chance to have that operation that he’s been putting off. And then you really will be able to get Brexit done. On your terms.

As our French friends might say: reculer pour mieux sauter.

Yours in the struggle,

Phineas Phosgene

Updated: 21st October 2019 — 8:34 pm


  1. I’m afraid the holding of a rigged second referendum would matter. There are many bad ideas available on how we escape the current agonising stalemate but holding a ‘people’s vote’ or confirmatory referendum is by a distance the worst. If the first was divisive a second would be doubly so and that is something that I think we should be genuinely frightened by. I’m depressed by the number of normally sensible people who support the idea but the fact that Alistair Campbell favours it should surely make any sane person think twice.

  2. Got to disagree. The likes of Corbyn have never been known to “hear the electorate” and I have no doubt that like a tick under the skin he would be a bugger to get out of number 10 once embedded…and oh, what damage he could do.

    Far better for Boris to remember Churchill’s motto of KBO (Keep Buggering On or Keep Plodding On if in the presence of a lady) and highlighting the treason of the treasonous. At some point BRExit will happen, if only through the exhaustion of our enemies.

  3. Phineas, never do what your enemies want you to do. It would be self-defeating for Boris to resign. If parliament could have already got rid of him, they already would have. If parliament tries to get rid of him, it may cost them. Boris said he would not extend. He may of course fail, but abandon no battle prematurely.

    Meanwhile, notice that our enemies would love him to resign. When your policy would make remoaners cheer, you might want to review it.

  4. Only another 2 years of this to cope with. Then there will have to be an election.
    I am sure the EU are just thrilled at another 2 years of Brexit-stagnation blocking the EU agenda.

    Just so long as we don’t get trapped by May’s turd of a deal, with or without Boris’s asbestos-laden glitter.

  5. CCA to set aside Benn’s turd. No need to accept the extn then. CCA to set aside FTPA and set a GE asap after Brexit on 31st .

    CCA 7 days overview by House and Courts? They are the emerg–so tell them they will get oversight–after GE. New House by then and Courts will say nothing.

    Close courts until GE date.

    Anybody here think the British people will vote him out and Corbyn in?

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