Light at the end of the tunnel?

Boris Johnson is about to go into a tunnel, apparently. I think that means something like: the EU has agreed to properly sit down and have a talk about that deal they said was the final possible deal.

What will Boris come out of the tunnel with?

  • A deal that gets us properly out of the EU but without any unpleasant trade restrictions?
  • A deal that is Brexit in name only?
  • No deal.

There is a faint possibility that Boris is so good at politics he will get a deal that is just Brexit-y enough and just un-Brexit-y enough to stay in power and get back to business as usual politics with no realignment.

Updated: 11th October 2019 — 1:40 pm


  1. My money is on a dog’s dinner emerging from the tunnel, but we will soon know.

  2. Again it all comes down to is Boris the Churchill in his mind or just another Eton con man.


    I want the Swiss constitution……

  3. It will be a sell-out with some fine words for Boris to proclaim. The only consolation will be the die-hard (or rather kill-hard) Remainers lamenting leaving the EU. How can a Remainer oppose a deal that the EU will accept? If the EU is all that is good, how can a Remainer reject that which it deems good?

  4. DUP have already said that if it is as mooted they won’t back it. Johnson still needs to beat the scummy HoTraitors–if they succeed in forcing postponement BoJo has had his chips.

    Emergency powers.

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