Can Boris & the Tories be trusted? Yes, I know, stop laughing!

It appears that Tory leader Boris Johnson is now moving towards a reheated version of Theresa May’s terrible Withdrawal Agreement – the worst deal in history, a treaty that was accurately described by Boris as reducing the UK to a state of ‘vassalage’.

After a few short days making positive noises, the new Prime Minister is already talking about an extended period of Transition. A period when we would effectively still be in the Single Market and Customs Union, we would not be able to implement new trade deals, would still be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and would not have control of our fishing waters. Under the terms of Mrs May’s agreement, we would also unnecessarily be paying £39 billion without the EU agreeing to any new trade deal.

– Richard Tice, Chairman, The Brexit Party

Updated: 2nd August 2019 — 2:01 pm


  1. Oh dear, are we once more relying on the EU to say no to a modified agreement?

  2. The Tory party deserves to collapse.

    They can no longer deliver anything but left wing policies and the Lib Dems, Labour, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, BNP and all their friends do that already…..

    Time for something else.

    Abolish the lot of them!

  3. When the due date arrives, we will either have left or not. We will know soon. The Brexit Party will have a very important role to play if we do not. If we do, it will likely still have an important role to play, but one that involves carefully differentiating Tories that cannot be trusted at all from Tories that it is needful to work with. Boris and Dominic Cummings were both important to winning the referendum – no victory then, no chance we’d be even where we are now, terribly aware of the arrogance and deceit of the EUrophiles but also aware they are the panicking ones who have played all the cards they can think of, while we are the ones walking ahead, albeit on a tightrope over a sea of dangers. The Brexit party needs to be ready for either role it may be called on to play, not leap to conclusions.

  4. The Tory party was in death’s ground, or if you prefer “do it die” territory from the moment May said “Brexit means Brexit”. It went further in with a manifesto promising out of the single market, customs union and ECJ. Sadly 2/3 of the MPs didn’t notice.
    It took the TBP win at the Euros accompanied by a 9% vote to wake them up. That’s why they finally ditched May and gave us Boris.
    TBP needs to keep the pressure up, else the Tories might get complacent and give us May mark 2. I’m sure they will anyway.

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