Parliament is not aligned with the people

A comment on Guido Fawkes:

This has gone on far too long. A simple democratic exercise (not to mention the largest such in our history) has been obstructed by the very parliament that voted to put the question to the people in the first place and then promised to enact the result. It is becoming clearer by the day that the only way we will be able to preserve our precious democracy and deliver on that result is to vote in a new parliament. That will involve the de-selection of large numbers of MPs who have been complicit in this betrayal of their manifesto promises or the wholesale defection of their previous supporters to the Brexit Party. Whichever it is, even if it leads to a Corbyn-led coalition (which would be a far bigger national disaster than any form of “hard” Brexit could ever be) the responsibility will rest squarely and solely on the shoulders of these dishonourable MPs.

The only deal on offer now or in the future from the EU is a very bad deal. Ruling out no deal effectively means remaining in the EU. They can dress it up any way they like but the public are not stupid and know this full well. Any appeal from the Tory Party to trust it again for fear of getting Corbyn (unless the above de-selections have thoroughly purged candidates who will not support Brexit) will simply fall onto deaf ears and they would be very stupid to think otherwise. Millions will have their Brexit or they will have their revenge. In an ideal world they will have both.

Updated: 18th July 2019 — 3:18 pm


  1. I agree with every word of that

  2. “That will involve the de-selection of large numbers of MPs who have been complicit in this betrayal of their manifesto promises ..”

    … which will require a lot of work on the part of a lot of citizens, if it is to happen. Unfortunately, it is also a good reason for guessing that Tory & Labour MPs will be united like never before … in their opposition to calling an election which could see them reassigned to the unemployment line.

    Winners look more than one move ahead; but too many Brexiteers are not thinking about the day after Brexit. How does the UK transform Parliament into a truly representative body capable of making sound decisions for the whole country?

    As currently practiced, “democracy” too often ends up with the “Tyranny of the Minority” — think, for example, about how few people in the UK have any say in the choice of the next Prime Minister. Would it be better to make parliamentary service rather like jury service? Randomly selected citizens would get a letter in the mail telling them that for the next year, they are representing the people of their district in Parliament, in its new home in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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